How much does a 2 week Trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Brussels and Amsterdam Cost ?

April 17, 2017

It seems like everywhere you look someone is quitting their job and traveling non-stop and I can’t but wonder, how do they do it?  I look at the beautifully curated Instagram posts from the popular travel pages and I marvel at all the places I want to visit, but then reality sinks in. How exactly can I afford to visit all these places without quitting my job, or incurring any debt. I still don’t have the answers but I started to track my travel spending a bit closely so I could better estimate and plan for trips.

If you have not read about the trip in question, check out the blogpost on my trip to JohannesburgCape Town,  and Amsterdam

Things to Note:

  • I spent a total period of 2 weeks overseas
  • Route: Houston – Johannesburg – Cape Town – Johannesburg – Brussels – Amsterdam – Boston – Houston
  • I treated myself every step of the way, especially in South Africa. This trip was one of INDULGENCE, 
  • Some of the cash withdrawn was used to buy souvenirs, and to have a skirt custom made in one day.
  • I was forced to purchase a last minute flight at the airport due to visa issues, and paid to check in 2 bags.  Read about that in my previous post 
  • My chase sapphire reserve credit card provided about $600 in travel credit which helped offset some of the costs
  • Some of my flights were purchase using credit card and airline reward points
  • The accommodation was split between 3 people
  • Spent a night in Boston but stayed at a friend’s place for free, thanks Barbie
  • I did not pay all of this at once. Flights were booked as early as spring 2016, latest flight was booked 2 weeks before trip
  • I have a monthly travel budget
  • Fight to South Africa returning to Belgium was a glitch fare that I snagged in November of 2015
  • Trip covered 3 new countries I had never visited
  • I purchased a sim card/data to use while in South Africa

Again this was not a typical trip for me, and I was a little more generous with spending on myself.

  • Is roughly $2,000 too much to spend in 2 weeks? Probably, but given the prior planning and saving for the trip I was comfortable spending that much.
  • Is it possible to fund this trip for less than $2,000? Most certainly, I could probably do a more budget friendly version for about $1,300 and there are other travelers who could easily do this trip for even less.

Based on the feedback I received,  and so I can provide valuable content, I will be tracking the cost all my future trips and will share them based on interest.

Hope you all enjoy the post, let me know in the comments your absolute maximum for any trip? And also do you have any destinations that would be an absolute splurge trip?

Bella Joya