Travel Plans: Where I Am Going in 2017

April 26, 2017

I only had 2 concrete trips planned at the start of 2017, and honestly it did not seem blog post worthy so I decided to spare you all. I also was not sure if I wanted to post my travel plans considering there are a lot of uncertainties with them. Eventually realized travel plans change and I can always update you all as needed.

Where I have Already Been:

  • Lagos Nigeria (February 2017): My grandma turned 80 so there was a mini family reunion to go with her birthday. My cousin also got married so it was a lot of celebrations for the week. I got to spend time with my family and met up with old friends.
  • Atlanta Georgia USA (April 2017): I had a blast on this last minute trip, after a rough couple of weeks my friends persuaded me to take a break. It was a good call. A friend got married, so it was a great opportunity to celebrate with the couple while connecting with old and new friends.
  • New York City, New York USA (April 2017): Last year my best friends and I took out first girls trip together. It was a great trip where we connected, Β explored a new city, and just enjoyed being young and full of life. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to make an annual occasion out of it. The universe smiled on us, our schedules aligned (mostly) and so we headed off for a few days in NYC. It was rainy, and cold but is always a good time with my best friends.

Upcoming Travel Destinations:

  • Europe: I am planning what will be my longest solo trip ever and covering a couple of countries. I am still in the planning stages but once a few remaining things fall in place I will share more.
  • Singapore: A friend of mine moved to Singapore earlier this year so i’ll be visiting inΒ November.
  • Bali Indonesia: I plan to take a short trip here during my visit to Malaysia.
  • Peru: A group of friends and I loosely talked about this but nothing is finalized yet.Β Hint hint to said friends.


Where do you all plan to visit in 2017? Have you visited any of the places i will be going? What can you recommend I do in any of these places, if you have visited?



    1. So you know how Indonesia is close to Australia ehn…

      1. hahahahahah Mayus but you know Australia has to be a whole separate trip on its own. Soon though soon… perhaps next year

    1. Good idea cousin… But I fear the idea of Indonesia….. I have heard of how Nigerians are implicated over there… Just concerned about the safety…. I hope to travel with u on one of these trips though. Takia of yourself

      1. Hey thanks Cuz for dropping a comment. No need to fear any countries though, they are not that much different in terms of visiting a new place. I would think as long as you abide by the rules and stay out of shady business, which is my plan, then all should be well.

    1. I have greece, uk, France, Italy and turkey on my list, all have a girls trip to NY, another trip to Vegas and Montreal, and a possible trip to Thailand, and Nigeria in December. the last half of the year is always crazy booked with travel for me. Excited!!!

      1. Wow!!! yes i love all your upcoming trips. Funny enough I haven’t done vegas yet, and I’ve heard great things about Montreal. I am saving Thailand for next year. Its going to be amazing. Thanks for leaving a comment

    1. Love your blog! Bali is definitely on my list as well as singapore. I’ve got Florida, Charleston SC, NYC , Europe (France, UK and Italy) and possibly Cuba coming up this year. Maybe Lagos Nigeria for christmas..Woop!

      1. Thanks for the love. I’ll be sure to let you know how my Europe trip goes. If you have any questions on NYC be sure to hit me up.

    1. I have visited 3 destinations, not on My Travel goals for 2017travel plans for the year, I might end up not visiting some of the destinations on my list but it has guided me in planning my trips. Never been to any of your planned destinations in Asia.

      In Europe, I only visited Belgium and Italy and lived in Germany for 5 months.

      1. Thanks for dropping by, living in Germany sounds great, i haven’t visited yet but plan to

    1. Just came across your blog……very impressive. Last summer I drove as far north as a car can go in North America, Inuvik in the Northwest Territories of Canada’s Western Arctic and Alaska. (22,000 kilometres round trip). So naturally, the plan this year is to drive all the way from Toronto, Canada (where I live), to Ushuaia, Argentina (the southernmost part of South America). I plan to do it next month…however the embassies of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are advising me that it’s just too dangerous to drive through their countries…so I’ll see)….In December this year, I will be driving back to the Arctic and hoping to be one of the few crazy humans to drive a car, not an SUV, on the frozen Arctic Ocean!

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