My Favorite Things: Podcasts

Hey all, Over the years I have gotten into podcasts and at least once a week will catch up on my favorites so instead of constantly harassing my unsuspecting team mates with my random podcast find of the week, I'll be sharing some of my favorites, and hopefully find more interesting shows to add to my list: The Read: This was my very first introduction to podcast world. I discovered Kid Fury and Crissle via twitter and have been a fan ever…

Summer 2016 Reads

Hey all, What better way to start off the summer than with a fresh list of books to read. My friend was kind enough to gift me with some birthday money so off course I went to town and bought a lot of books. Just in case you were looking for some summer reading inspiration, here are my new books   Happy Summer BellaJoya

Current Read- Jan/Feb 2016

Hey all, I've been working for about 5 years, and you know there is something about working a job that is fairly routine that eventually you get to  a point where you feel like you are no longer learning. Sure you are still learning on the job, but its a different type of learning In college I was working towards my degrees so there was constant learning, and homework, and reading,  my brain was always working and trying to keep…