Phillippines Adventure

January 3, 2016

Back in October I took a solo trip to the Philippines thanks to a flight deal I snagged Christmas day 2014. I booked a week of travel out of NY to Manila and eventually decided to visit the city of El Nido. For some reason i underestimated how long it was going to take me to get there so i spent the first 3 days getting to Manila, then I was supposed to take a flight out the night I landed in Manila but i missed my fight and ended up sending the night in a hotel/hostel in Manila. The next morning i caught the first flight to Puerto Princesa, and then took a 5 hour bus ride to El Nido. The bus ride was one interesting experience, imagine a bus going at 70m/hr up and down winding hillsides, half of the bus passengers got car sick, and I was relieved to get off the bus the moment we arrived. (I took a flight from El Nido directly back to Manila on my way back home)

El Nido was amazing!! I stayed at this super cool hostel called Spin Hostel, which was clean, had good breakfast and super helpful staff. I ended up doing two of the island hopping tours but unfortunately since I spent half the time getting there I only had 2 full days to spend there. I made a friend in my hostel and we ended up doing the two tour trips together. We also found ourselves at a midnight beach party where I met some really cool fellow travelers. We drank, partied and had great conversations late into the night. I went snorkeling with so many different colored fishes, jelly fish (I did not get stung) a few snakes, i saw so many weird fishes (some of which i saw on display at the Aquarium in Manila on my way back), and we even got rained on during one of our snorkeling trips but everyone was having such a great time we didn’t even notice.

I didn’t get enough of the Philippines and I plan to make another trip in the near future. The only thing i was not sold on was the food I am big fan of spicy food and there just wasn’t any in the Philippines so I lived off breakfast at the hostel and dried mangos.

Enjoy the pictures.


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    1. I’ve always wondered about solo trips. Do you have any tips on the safest places for a female solo traveler? And also tips on how to have a good time on a solo trip?

      1. Hi Jenn, So far I am yet to visit a place where i felt unsafe as a solo female traveler, but i also haven’t been traveling for that long. My basic tips are be vigilant, watch your drink, avoid arriving at a new destination at night, if you ever feel uncomfortable in any situation so not be afraid to excuse yourself from said situation. Basically all the things i do while at home.
        Tips for having a good time:
        don’t be scared to talk to strangers, one of the benefits of solo travel is you are somewhat forced to talk to people, be open minded, try new things, don’t stress out about anything… not missed buses, not closed restaurants, nothing. Take time to enjoy your solitude, and private time. Do whatever you want, whenever you want to… no added group pressure thats there when you travel with friends

        In additional check out these awesome trips by more experienced travelers-,

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