My Favorite Things: Podcasts

August 22, 2016

Hey all,

Over the years I have gotten into podcasts and at least once a week will catch up on my favorites so instead of constantly harassing my unsuspecting team mates with my random podcast find of the week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites, and hopefully find more interesting shows to add to my list:

The Read: This was my very first introduction to podcast world. I discovered Kid Fury and Crissle via twitter and have been a fan ever since. Their show is fun, but they are never afraid to take on social issues, while giving the weekly low down of celebrity news,  highlighting black businesses, answering questions / giving advice to the various listeners who write in to the show, and finally ‘reading’ people who pretty much deserve to be read. They are avid Beyonce fans, and they are hilarious.


The Friend Zone: Fran, Dustin, and Asante host this show that focuses on health and mental wellness. I love that the three of them are very different, and in different stages of their life but still come together in a way that is unique. I love Fran’s calmness and holistic approach , Dustin is hilarious and blunt and Asante is fun, lively, and so relatable. I absolutely love them


Myleik Teele’s: Myleik is the owner of Curlbox a monthly hair products subscription box that caters to women with curly hair. Her podcast is filled with business gems, life advice and general girl power. I love how genuine, down to earth, and blunt she is, I call her Big sis Myleik in my head.


Invisibilia: I recently discovered this podcast during Bible study at my church, but it’s a very interesting podcast about the invisible forces that control human behavior (ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions). What I particularly like about this podcast is it introduced me to direct experiences of other people I never even knew existed,  and it’s forced me to really think about why we are the way we are.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: This was recommended by my friend Rand, and although I’ve only listed to 2 episodes (the podcasts are super long) I enjoy how the host Dan Carlin discusses the past and explains the contexts while taking you through various events in history. I am not particularly into history but I enjoy how he tells the story, and its great to get me through a long work day.

Do you guys listen to podcast? And if so what are your favorite podcasts?

Note: If you have an iPhone and want to start listening on the go, just go to the podcast app on your phone and search for any of the podcasts listed above, you can subscribe to their podcast directly from there. Also most of the podcasts are available on iTunes, or you can listen directly from their websites.


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    1. I love podcasts too. I listen to Myleik, gosh she’s so down to earth. I like This Afropolitan Life. She interviews African first gen adults and they talk about their businesses, being vegan and weddings etc. I also like The Pool and Ctrl Alt Delete, these two are British. I’m actually going to buy new earphones today because I need to listen to my podcasts. Going to check out some of the ones you mentioned. I’m always on the lookout for podcasts to discover.

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