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November 6, 2016

Hey all,

Blows dust off blog…. How exactly has it been almost 3 months since I last updated my blog? I know talk about being a bad blogger, lets just say work, and life got in the way. I had a pretty intense busy season at work that threw all resemblance of a routine right outside the window. I also did not do any traveling and so I dint want to just post for the sake of posting. It wasn’t until I realized that I had still not posted about my London trip which happened back in May that i realized how much i had been slacking. I apologize my good people. However, I have some very interesting trips coming up over the last few months of the year and I am challenging myself to get all those posts out within 2 weeks of completion. Yes I said it and you guys will be holding me accountable.

Now lets get to the details of my London trip. I will start off my saying that London was ridiculously expensive. Now I don’t know if I let myself spend more than I usually do because it was the first annual BFFs trip but it was by far the most expensive trip I have ever taken. We stayed at an Air B n B in Chelsea Harbor so maybe that was an indication of what the trip was going to be like, but none of us wanted to stay in a dingy part of town besides it was our first girls get away together. It started off with ChiChi not being able to make the trip thanks to some pesky visa issues but low and behold she pulled the biggest surprise of all time by showing up at the apartment just as Debbie and I got there. Talk about 3 women screaming down the quiet neighborhood, camera worthy moment, see random clip below.

We had all these grand ideas of buying tour tickets ahead of time, buying out train ticket to Paris, and a lot more that never happened, but we managed to do a lot of walking; catching up; shopping; meeting up with friends; Amazing food; a few museum stops; Walked through a Cemetery where a creepy squirrel followed us and we were convinced we saw a ghost in the form of an old woman; Princess Diana memorial; Hyde Park; Buckingham Palace; Tower Bridge;  a couple of snazzy bars; explored Shoreditch via bikes with my friend Aisha; we even had a very eventful trip to Peckham where we were basically transported over 4,000 miles to Lagos Nigeria (talk about shock, excitement, apprehension, chaos, slight panic, and then relief hahahah). We got our Nigerian food fill, made a friend and then hightailed out of there.  In all it was an amazing experience and I am ready for our  2017 Annual BFF Trip.


Tips For London (forgive my now 5 month old memory)

  • Where possible I made use of my Chase Sapphire Credit card as there were no foreign transaction fees.
  • We took out cash a couple of times so we could monitor our spending, in hindsight having a budget ahead of time would have been better so i could take out all the cash I need at once and avoided all the fees I paid. Better yet i should have put all my expenses on my credit card.
  • Use the Tube / Overground whenever possible, its super easy to navigate and affordable. We got visitor oyster cards and just topped off as needed
  • London weather is unpredictable so dress in layers, and have an umbrella handy
  • There are  a lot of things to do in London and when traveling with a group pick 1 or 2 things that each person wants to do, plan for those and then everything else can fall where they will.
  • Drinks do add up so pre-game whenever possible

IMG_9525 IMG_9592 IMG_9593 IMG_9538 Version 2 IMG_9543 IMG_9547
Version 3

IMG_9530 IMG_9531 IMG_9539 Version 2 IMG_9562 IMG_9573 IMG_9574 Version 2 IMG_9621


IMG_9624 Version 4 IMG_9631
Version 2 IMG_9644 IMG_9822 IMG_9640 Version 2 IMG_9793 IMG_9830 Version 2 IMG_9838 IMG_9840 IMG_9824 IMG_9860 IMG_9862 IMG_9884 IMG_9914 IMG_9915 IMG_9918 IMG_9926 IMG_9938 IMG_9929 IMG_9999

img_9947 Version 3 img_9911 img_9632 img_9508Threw in a selfie there for good measure. Next post will be a recap on a quick DC trip I made a few backs back, and if you were wondering how my 12 trips in 12 months plan is going I am over half way done and will have made over 12 trips by the end of the year. Now some ended up being for work but I still count them (although if I visited a city multiple times I only count once)


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