India In Pictures- Mysore

March 3, 2016

Mysore, India


I spent a weekend in Mysore with my friend Michelle.

  • We stayed at an amazing Place called Mysore Bed n Breakfast it was such a cute and cozy B &B and we really enjoyed our time with Stephen, Manjula and the other travelers we met during our weekend trip
  • We did not do the cycle tour, offered by the B n B,  mostly because Michelle and I aren’t much cyclers, and instead opted for a Tuk Tuk tour which was organized by one of their affiliates.
  • Mysore Palace (we did a walking tour of inside the Palace during the day, but we went back at night to see the lighting up of the Palace)
  • Jaggery factory
  • St. Philomena Church
  • Chamundi Hill
  • Devaraja Market
  • Shopping- The city is famous for Sandalwood and silk, I ended up buying a beautiful Singing bowl made from Sandalwood.
  • Mysore is known to be the home of Ashtanga yoga, unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get to a class, so I settled with my singing bowl.
  • Department of Archeology and Heritage Museum
  • Tour of Srirangapatna


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Its truly amazing how much of the world travel exposes us to. I’ll leave you all with a quote till the next post




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