India In Pictures- Kerala

February 28, 2016

Kerala India


I spent a weekend with my girl Alana in Kerala and it was an amazing weekend.  We saw beautiful waterfalls, got terrorized by monkeys, spent a relaxing day/ night on a house boat while reading, and stuffing our faces with the most amazing prawns I had eaten in a while. We took a lot of time to just chill out, self reflect, and appreciate the many blessings in our lives, discuss our goals and set action plans. We got an extremely oily herbal Ayurvedic massage, not as intense a massage as I was expecting, but my skin felt like butter after, thanks to all the herbal oil.

I met Alana about 2 years ago at a NABA convention in DC, and over the past few years we have developed a sort of sister friendship. Besides this weekend in Kerala, while in India,  we spent many lunch breaks at work taking tuk tuks to the mall to get our favorite momo dumplings. While writing this post, it hit me that travel helped strengthen our relationship and even two years later no matter how busy we get while at work we always take time out to check on each other, no matter how brief and I think our time in India played a big role in this.  So shoutout to you Alana for being an awesome friend and travel buddy, looking forward to our trip in November, and hopefully many more.

Kerala Activities:

  • Elephant Training Center in Kodanad
  • Athirappilly waterfalls
  • Vazachal waterfalls
  • Alleppey- checked in for our houseboat overnight stay
  • Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort

Enjoy the pictures

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