Christmas – Cayman Island

January 16, 2016

I spent Christmas in the Cayman Islands with my cousin who was an amazing host. Highlights of my trips included:

  • Hanging out with stingray at Stingray City.
  • Slight turn up on boat party where I failed horribly at doing a cannon ball off the side of a boat (Operation learn how to cannon ball in full effect). Seriously guys i was horrible at it.. my uncle said i didn’t jump off the boat, I fell off… but next time though…
  • Tacos from Sunshine Grill (Fish taco was everything)
  • The Wreck and Bar and Grill at Rums Point Beach
  • Calypso Grill: The Sticky Toffee Pudding is amazing. The best dessert I ever had in my life.
  • Westin Sunday Brunch: Wide food selection, unlimited champagne and the food was really good. I felt like i ate a whole house after brunch
  • Royal Palms Beach Club- We hung out here on Sunday after brunch at the Westin.
  • 7 miles Beach- Lounged in the sun; played in the ocean; thanks to my trusty floaty noodle; watched the sunset and basically relaxed.
  • I tired Conch for the first time, but I honestly don’t remember the taste
  • Making friends with strangers on the beach, and working on my handstand

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It was really great to be able to spend time relaxing with family. I will definitely be visiting Grand Cayman again, the sticky toffee pudding has been plaguing my dreams since I left the Island.