BellaJoya Eats- Homemade Edition #1

January 27, 2016

I love to eat and I enjoy cooking, the results you may ask? a mix-mash of my twists on different recipes, my own original recipes, which are usually concocted during my commute to or from work), and a slight obsession with IG accounts that feature food.


Breakfast Smoothie #1- Grapefruit Juice/pineapple, chia seeds, blackberries, spinach and water

Directions- Layer like so: Grapefruit juice, frozen fruits, chia seeds, spinach. Pulse until desired consistency, add water as needed.

Version 3

My spin on Korean Japchae-


Vegetables: Stir fried vegetables (onions, carrots, green peas, snap peas, mushrooms), olive oil, salt, pepper, Korean sweet potato noodles (local Asian grocery store has a wide variety).

Directions: Cook the noodles according to package instructions. drain, rinse with cold water, cut with kitchen shears (they comes really long), toss with olive oil to prevent sticking

In a pan sauté veggies in olive oil (add the harder veggies eg carrots since they take longer to cook). Season with salt and pepper.

Toss in the noddles once veggies are to desired texture.


Breakfast Smoothie 2: Grapefruit Juice, pineapples, chia seeds, spinach, water.

Directions: See method above for smoothie 1


One pot Nigerian Shrimp Fried Rice

Recipe: Still being tested

Version 2

Japchae Version #2

Version 2

Homemade Chili Oil-Can be used as a condiment or a marinate. Try it out and let me know how you used it.

Ingredients: Thai chili, Habanero, onions, garlic, salt, stock Cube, olive oil


rinse your peppers thoroughly then combine in a food processor the thai chili, habanero, onion, garlic. Pulse till desired consistency is achieved (Do not add any water)

In a pan heat up oil, add the pepper mix, fry for about 2o minutes on medium heat  (stir regular so it doesn’t burn). Once all the water from the peppers are dried out, season to taste.

Turn off the heat and allow to cool, then transfer to an air tight container. Store in the refrigerator.

*Recipe inspired by @foodace  Rocket Chilli Sauce . Follow her on IG her feed is a foodies happy place.

Version 2


Version 3 Version 3

Oven Baked Lobster with Chili Oil Stir Fry Noodles

Ingredients- Lobster tails, olive oil, seasoning of choice, onion, garlic, veggies (carrots, broccoli, onions, snap peas, green beans, green peas, mushrooms, spinach, cabbage), whole grain pasta


Using kitchen shear cut down the middle of the lobster tail (shell side, not belly side), slide fingers down the side and release the meat, but not completely , leave the tail attached to the shell, then rest the meat on top of the shell. Season with olive oil, salt, and herbs of your liking. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees

Cook whole wheat pasta according to instructions (i do this while i make the veggies so they are ready about the same time)

Sauté the veggies in olive oil, season with salt, chili oil, toss in the pasta once done. Adjust seasoning as needed.