Annual Birthday Trip – Belize 2016

July 5, 2016


I love birthday’s and keeping up with my annual tradition, I made my birthday trip to Belize. I spent 4 days on Caye Caulker and they were an amazing 4 days of sun, sand, water, watching the sunset and lazying about.

Day 1: I arrived Caye Caulker via a water tax from Belize City. I stayed at Costa Maya hotel where I had access to a free bicycle for the day, and a  hammock. After settling in, I got on the bicycle and rode around the island for a bit, just exploring and seeing what was out there. I got some cash out of the ATM, and then headed to the Lazy Lizard bar at the split. (The split is where the island was divided in half after Hurricane Hattie came through.) Happy hour was nice and I had a couple of drinks while watching the sun set. Later that night I met an artist Martin who made jewelry, he led me to my dinner spot for the night a place called Chef Juan where I had an amazing fish dinner.

Day 2: Was my birthday, and for breakfast I went to Herolyns house for fry jack which is a delicious Belizean breakfast treat. It’s like a fried tortilla stuffed with filings of choice, think breakfast taco stuffings. (I had it for breakfast the next day as well)

For my birthday, I had a snorkeling day trip scheduled with Ragga muffin Tours. The tour was amazing, and such a great way to spend my birthday. I went snorkeling in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and went snorkeling with Nurse Shark/Sting Ray in shark ray alley. This was such an amazing trip at first I was too terrified of  snorkeling with the nurse shark and it took about everything in me to get into the water, but I knew I had to do it after all I did not come this far to chicken out. It was great, slightly terrifying at first but I’m so glad I got into the water. I don’t have an underwater camera so I was unable to capture a lot but a lady  met on the trip took some pictures and shared with me (the turtle, sting ray and picture of me snorkeling)

Day 3: I decided to head inland to Belize city to go river tubing/ ziplinning . I booked my adventure with  Tsunami Adentures and our tour guides for the day were Major Tom, and Minor Tom. We went zip lining, cave tubing, jumping off a cliff and lazying around in the river. During the tour I met two other travelers who also happened to be staying on Caye Caulker so we hung out the rest of the day. Ziplinning was fun as usual but the highlight of the trip was the cave tubing. The trip started with a 30 minute hike through the jungle, our guide, Minor Tom, pointed out various trees along the way and told us some of the history of Mayan people and about the forest. Next we literally spent about an hour floating through water caves on a tube, while drinking rum punch out of a coconut. At certain points the river was too shallow we had to raise our bums in the tube so they wouldn’t drag along the river bed, and at other points the water was about 20 feet deep. It was such an amazing feeling floating through the river, and taking in the views, sights, and sounds. After getting out of the cave, we stopped at a swimming area where we swam around a bit, jumped off a cave, and just laid in the river, Super calming way to spend the day. After the tour we had some lunch and headed back to Belize city where we walked around a bit, took some pictures at the Belize sign before heading back to Caye Caulker. That night I had yet another amazing fish dinner at Wish Willys and then went to the sports bar for drinks

Day 4: I decided to sign up for another snorkeling trip with Ragamuffin tours and this time around our tour guide was Captain Rob, and Mike. We had yet another amazing trip and I met another traveler Mel, an Australian who is traveling for a couple of months. Our captain was really cool, we did the usual snorkeling stops and this time, when we got to Shark Ray Alley, I was one of the first people in the water. Funny how only a few days earlier I almost passed out at the thought of getting into the water with shark. On our way back Captain Rob took us around the back of the island where we stopped to take a last minute swim, take turns at jumping off the boat, and then we sailed through the split on the way back.

I really enjoyed my time on Caye Caulker, it was a very relaxed, and everything operated at such a slow pace. There are a lot of fruit/food stalls throughout the island and I had my fair fill of fresh mangos, fresh fruit juice, fresh coconut, and local breakfast treats. I definitely plan to visit Belize again, especially knowing how close it is to Houston, it would be the perfect weekend getaway.

Belize Information:

  • Language – English (official language), Spanish, Belize Creole
  • Currency- $1 USD = $2 BZD
  • Places to get food – Herolyns House, Lazy Lizard (Bar at the split, with good happy hour drinks), Chef Juan, Wish Willy
  • Tour company: Ragga Muffin tour, Tsunami Adventures
  • Places to stay: Costa Maya Hotel. There are a lot of affordable hostels on the island and most of the other travelers I met stayed at the hostels. Since I was on a birthday trip, I decided to treat myself and I got a nice single room with a view of the ocean.

Enjoy the pictures

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    1. Love this post! I’m going to Belize for my birthday as well and was confused about whether to stay at Caye Caulker the whole time or split between the city and Caye Caulker. Definitely going to take your advice and do Caye Caulker the entire time. Glad you had fun and happy belated birthday!

      1. Hey Naomi,

        I will say i enjoyed staying on Caye Caulker because it is very very chill. You can cover the entire island in like 2 days, so for more adventure you may need to head to Belize city or some of the other Caye. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and have fun on your trip

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